Time Tagger SeriesThe world’s most powerful digital data acquisition toolsEncounter the power of Software Defined Digital Data AcquisitionCreate versatile experiment setupsControl your measurements wi
Time Tagger

Time Tagger

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Time Tagger Series

The world’s most powerful digital data acquisition tools

Encounter the power of Software Defined Digital Data Acquisition

Create versatile experiment setups

Control your measurements with a modern web application




The Time Tagger Series brings the power of software defined data acquisition to your lab. It is an incredibly flexible time-to-digital converter equipped with a streaming architecture and a versatile software engine. You can use it for almost any type of digital data acquisition measurement, including various flavors of time correlated photon counting.

Key hardware features

l  time resolution down to 12 ps (RMS jitter)

l  8 or 18 fully equivalent input channels, up to 144 in sync mode

l  detect rising and falling edges

l  benefit from a built-in logic analyzer

Key software features

l  auto-correlation, cross-correlation, multiple-start-multiple-stop histograms

l  run various measurements simultaneously

l  implement your research ideas in no time: benefit from virtual channels, such as sums and coincidences

l  work with a modern web-application, native libraries in C++, C#, .net, Matlab, LabVIEW, Python, Windows 7 & 10 (32 & 64 bit), Linux upon request


Benefit from Swabian Instruments’ Time Taggers for your cutting edge research including:

Cold atoms, Ions, EIT                      Fluorescence Lifetime        Pulsed Lasers

Quantum Dots  

 Quantum Cryptography

Quantum Photonics


l  time correlated photon counting, fluorescence lifetime imaging, anti-bunching

l  linear optics quantum computing, quantum process tomography

l  scanning fluorescence microscopy, PALM, STORM, STED

l  cold atoms, EIT, Rydberg atoms

l  cold ions and ion trap quantum computing

l  quantum dots

l  solid state quantum optics

Use Cases

Scanning fluorescence microscopy redefined

The figure below shows an example of a versatile and extendable scanning fluorescence microscopy system built around a single Time Tagger 20. This system enables you not only to measure photon anti-bunching and fluorescence lifetime / FLIM, you can use it in a straight forward fashion to acquire confocal images, electron spin resonance sweeps, pulsed electron spin resonance, and any combination of the latter. And even more: you can easily extend the system to superresolution optical imaging e.g. using STED or PALM all just with one single Time Tagger 20. Such microscopy systems are used for research on defects in diamond and SiC, e.g. at the University of Stuttgart (Germany), University of Munich (Germany), University of Oxford (UK) and MIT (USA).


Simply hook up all your raw signals to the Time Tagger 20 and you are ready to perform a wealth of experiments.



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Implement new research ideas more quickly
Time Tagger 20 is enabling dramatically faster and more parallel digital data acquisition for my group. Its unique streaming architecture allows us to implement novel experiments with rather small coding efforts, thereby enabling us to implement our new research ideas very quickly.

Prof. Dirk Englund MIT, USA January 10, 2017


Very impressed, unrivalled flexibility and excellent value

We have been very impressed with Time Tagger's specifications, unrivalled flexibility of use and excellent value for money. Swabian Instruments deserve considerable recognition not only for this innovative product, but for their user-oriented approach, and for their desire to develop instrumentation that will help to accelerate this field of research.

Prof. Jason Smith Department of Materials, University of Oxford December 14, 2016