Pulsed Diode Laser – DL nSec
Pulsed Diode Laser – DL NSec

Pulsed Diode Laser – DL NSec

Product Details

Pulsed Diode Laser – DL nSec


Diode Laser with Sub Nanosecond Modulation

The DL nSec is a compact diode laser with sub nanosecond digital modulation. It enables arbitrary digital modulation and on-demand triggered pico second pulses in a common operation mode. It provides pulse widths of ~300 ps FWHM (specifications depend on the wavelength and diode type). A unique feature of DL nSec is its 100% extinction ratio. The laser offers convenient control via a USB interface.



Key features

  • rise and fall time < 1 ns

  • short pulse feature with 300 ps FWHM (typical)

  • arbitrary digital modulation from sub‐ns to CW

  • 100% extinction ratio

  • small form factor

  • easy to use USB interface

  • stand‐alone operation with internal auto‐trigger


Available laser diodes (not all listed)






Power (cw)

PE 405

 405 nm

40 mW

PE 520

 520 nm

40 mW

PE 633

 633 nm

80 mW

PE 637

 637 nm

80 mW

PE 638

 638 nm

30 mW

PE 642

 642 nm

60 mW

PE 658

 658 nm

30 mW

PE 670

 670 nm

10 mW

PE 705

 705 nm

40 mW

PE 730

 730 nm

40 mW

PE 808

 808 nm

125 mW

PE 852

 852 nm

35 mW

Custom wavelengths available upon request. Please request a quote.



Typical pulse characteristics. Test conditions: 520 nm diode, 30 mW output power, external trigger.

Sub-nanosecond pulse Typical pulse response

Switching characteristics

Rise and fall time

< 1 ns

Max. repetition rate

> 125 MHz

Digital inputs and outputs


SMA, 50 Ω


1.4 V


SMA, 50 Ω

SYNC output high level

1.25 V, 50 Ω

SYNC rise and fall time

< 2 ns


Internal auto‐trigger mode

Minimum pulse duration

50 ns

Max. repetition rate

up to 62.5 kHz

Driver parameters

Laser diode current

1-300 mA

Power supply

7.5V, 800mA, 2.1mm jack plug-in power supply

Control interface


USB mini type B

Software driver

not required

Communication protocol

serial, plain text

Mechanical parameters


anodized aluminum

Mount options

M4, M6, mounting groove

Dimensions (L x W x H)

74 x 50 x 62 mm


Mechanical drawings


Base viewSide view