Warmly CongratulateZhejiang Huzhou Light Technology Co., Ltd For Successfully Obtaining The Chinese Agent Of NanoTag Biotechnologies

- 2018-05-21-

Warmly congratulateZhejiang Huzhou Light Technology Co., Ltd for successfully obtaining the Chinese agent of NanoTag Biotechnologies

Zhejiang Huzhou Light Technology Co., Ltd. officially became NanoTag Biotechnologies in May 2018 authorized the Chinese agent. Our company is responsible for the sales and service of NanoTag Biotechnologies in China.

NanoTag Biotechnologies is a German company with leading scientists and a remarkable entrepreneurial network whose products are life sciences, biotechnology and biomedical research producing proven high quality tools. Currently, the company's product portfolio focuses primarily on antibody-based single affinity reagents ("Tags") for biochemical and fluorescent applications.

In the near future, its product portfolio will be extended to various immunoassays (IP IF, IHC, IHC-P WB ...) enzymes, affinity resins and auxiliary reagents.

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