Warmly CongratulateZhejiang Huzhou Light Technology Co., Ltd For Successfully Obtaining The Chinese Agent Of Swabian Instruments

- 2018-04-27-

Warmly congratulateZhejiang Huzhou Light Technology Co., Ltd for successfully obtaining the Chinese agent of Swabian Instruments

Zhejiang Huzhou Light Technology Co., Ltd. officially became Swabian Instruments in December 2017 authorized the Chinese agent. Our company is responsible for the sales and service of Swabian Instruments in China.

Swabian Instruments designs and manufactures data acquisition and signal generation systems for research and industry. This company's  systems are easy to use and packed with useful features. They achieve this by shifting some of the hardest tasks from the hardware to the software level. This makes They systems flexible and extendable. They call this “Software Defined Data Acquisition”. All They systems come with free powerful programming interfaces.They  systems cover a frequency range from DC to 50 GSa/s.

Swabian Instrument’s commercial product “Time Tagger 20” is emerging as one of the most powerful data acquisition tools used by the physics research community from quantum optics to bio physics.

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