Inverted fluorescence microscope

- 2018-03-27-


InvertedFluorescence microscopeis a modern development of the new fluorescence microscope, the light path to be divided into two kinds: first, the transmission of fluorescence microscopy, excitation light source is through the condenser through the specimen material to stimulate fluorescence. The second is the drop-type fluorescence microscope, which is a new fluorescent microscope developed in recent times, characterized by the excitation of light from the objective lens to the whereabouts of the specimen surface, that is, the same objective as the lighting concentrator and the objective of collecting fluorescence.

Inverted fluorescence microscope is composed of fluorescent attachment and inverted microscope, which is mainly used for fluorescence and phase difference observation of cells and other living tissues. Inverted microscope (inverted microscope) is adapted to microscopic observation of tissue culture, cell culture, plankton, environmental protection and food inspection in biology, medicine and other fields. As these live-examined objects are placed in petri dishes (or culture bottles), the objective of the inverted microscope and the condenser are long enough to observe and study the objects examined directly in the petri dish. Therefore, the position of the objective lens, condenser and light source is reversed, so it is called inverted microscope. Inverted microscope is used for colorless and transparent living observation, on the basis of inverted microscope to add a set of fluorescent accessories: laser excitation block, fluorescent light source, fluorescent lighting, excitation block switching device, can be inverted fluorescence observation.

Imports of the four brand microscopes have corresponding inverted fluorescence microscope, such as Olympus IX71 inverted fluorescence microscope, CKX41 inverted fluorescence microscope, Nikon TI series inverted fluorescence microscope. Domestic brand microscope Manufacturers in recent years with the phase difference technology and fluorescence imaging technology, also introduced a variety of inverted fluorescence microscope, mshot MF51 is a, its fluorescent brightness, and imaging clear, close to the standard of similar mid-range microscope abroad.


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