The use of fiber coupler

- 2018-03-27-


        Fiber coupleris a removable (active) connection between the fiber and the fiber, it is the optical fiber of the two end of the precision docking to enable the emission of optical energy output fiber to the maximum coupling to the receiving fiber, and the interference of the optical link to the system to minimize the impact. For waveguide-type fiber coupler, it is generally a kind of component with Y-branch, which can be divided into equal parts by an optical signal input by a fiber. When the opening angle of the Coupler branch road increases, the light leakage in the cladding layer will increase so that the excess loss is increased, so the opening angle is generally within 30°, so the length of the waveguide type fiber coupler cannot be too short.

Fiber coupler (coupler), also known as the Bifurcation (Splitter), is the optical signal from a fiber in the fiber in the most of the components, belong to the field of optical passive components, in the telecommunications network, cable television network, user loop system, regional network will be applied to With the fiber optic connectors, the maximum items are used in the passive components (according to the Electronicat data, both market amounts were approximately $2.5 billion in 2003). Fiber coupler can be divided into standard coupler (double branch, Unit 1x2, that is, the light signal into two power, star/tree coupler, as well as wavelength multi-operator (WDM, if the wavelength is high density, that is, the wavelength is narrow, it belongs to DWDM), the production method is Sintered (Fuse), micro-optics (Micro Optics), optical waveguide (wave Guide) three species, while the sintering method of production accounted for the majority (about 90%). The method of sintering is to melt and stretch two optical fibers together, so that the core polymerization together to optronics coupling, and the most important production equipment is the melting machine, but also an important step, although the important steps can be part of the machine generation, but after sintering, still need people work detection package, Therefore, labor costs about 10~15%, and in addition to the use of manual testing packaging to protect the consistency of quality, this is also a mass production must be overcome, but the technical difficulty is not as DWDM module and optical active components high, so early to enter the fiber industry manufacturers, most of the optical coupler will cut into, Gross margin is 20~30%.

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